Conflict Disclosure

The American Economics Association (AEA) adopted guidelines for the disclosure of potential conflicts of interests by economists. Please find my disclosure information below.

Academic Employment

I am employed by the University of Calgary in the following capacities:

I was recently employed by the University of Victoria in the following capacities:

I was employed by the University of Manitoba as an Assistant Professor (2005-2007) and McMaster University as a Sessional Instructor (2005). I was also appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba, 2007 – 2011.

I was a visiting professor in the School of Public Policy (SPP) at the University of Calgary during the 2015-2016 year, while I was on sabbatical from the University of Victoria and on a reduced salary. I was also an unpaid visiting professor in SPP for the period January-April 2018, while I was on my research semester from the University of Victoria.

Past non-academic Professional Employment

Academic financial support  (not including expense (e.g. travel) reimbursement)

 Other Compensation

Awarded Research Grants/Contracts

Relevant paid or unpaid activity

My objective is to make both an academic contribution and to have an impact on Canadian policy-making and policy-implementation. As a result, it is important that my research be accessible to broader audiences including academics outside the traditional narrow boundaries of economics, decisions makers, practitioners, and the general public and for it stimulate broader conversations about public policy beyond the academic community. I do this by publishing in a wide range of outlets, including academic peer-reviewed journals across a several disciplines, through a variety of knowledge-mobilization efforts, and by forming strategic partnerships that lead to technical reports for decision makers and the general public. I genuinely believe that research and the communication of research and expert knowledge can positively influence a range of policies, and its ability to do so increases when you work across disciplines, institutions, and perspectives.

Here are some of my current and unpaid activities:

I have also recently completed a number of paid and unpaid activities

I am a regular non-partisan public commentator, writing for print media, appearing on a variety of T.V., radio, and podcasts, and providing testimony to the political committees. I also write regularly on my blog and tweet regularly on a variety of public policy issues. I also freely take calls/emails/DMs/texts from all types of government and political officials for advice on policy matters. I have, to this date, not been paid for this advice or work.

In terms of compensated speaking, media, or review work:

I have had, during my time at the University of Victoria and University of Calgary, representatives from the public and non-profit sector and many others speak in my classes. I have never offered compensation beyond accommodation and travel expenses for speakers, either directly or in-kind, with the exception of a small token of appreciation from the class. I have also spoken in others’ classes, upon request, and under the same compensation conditions.

Family conflicts of interest

To the best of my knowledge, no members of my immediate family have personal or financial relationships which would be viewed by a reasonable individual to constitute a conflict of interest with either my research or public commentary. My husband used to run a software businesses that from, time to time, provided paid software services that aided in the communication of research results.  He is now a paid software employee. 

I have an 10 year old son who regularly tells me how to spend my money. It is never on anything that any reasonable person would consider raising a conflict of interest. 

Asset disclosure

I no longer directly hold shares of any corporation. I do hold shares in companies through broadly diversified Exchange Traded Funds

My spouse holds diversified mutual funds, direct shares in various corporations, and broadly diversified Exchange Traded Funds. I have no knowledge of the shares held by my spouse or any say in the purchase or sale of these shares.

My husband and I currently own a single home, located in Calgary, Alberta, which is the one we live in. We currently have no debt (mortgage, line of credit, or otherwise). 

Non-partisan statement

Non-partisanship is a lack of affiliation with, and a lack of bias towards, a political party, candidate, or public policy positions. I am currently not a member of any political party at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels. I have never been a candidate for office or a political party and have never played a coordinating role in any election campaign for a candidate or political party. I have, in the past, been a member of a federal political party. In the 1990s, I was an active member of the federal Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

I do recognize that my experience uniquely equips me to analyze public policy and engage in public policy commentary, and I do use my knowledge and abilities to do just that in a non-partisan manner. I do not believe that taking a position on good public policy is necessarily partisan in nature, particularly when it is based on evidence and expertise. In fact, my research is focused on public policy that meaningfully promotes economic inclusion, strengthened social infrastructure, and systemic change, and which considers structural dynamic and distinct experiences. Good public policy requires full participation in the policy process, and I also believe that making progress on important policy issues requires everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

*Thanks to Kevin Milligan, UBC, and Andrew Leach, UofA, for letting me borrow form and substance from their conflict disclosure statements.

**This is a best efforts disclosure. I am a very publicly engaged scholar and have nothing to hide regarding my activities, however, given the breadth of these activities, I may have inadvertently omitted activities that some may feel should be individually disclosed.