I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Scientific Director, Fiscal and Economic Policy, School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary

Prior to joining the University of Calgary, I was an Associate Professor and Acting Director of in the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria. I was also cross-listed in the Department of Economics, University of Victoria, and was Research Fellow with the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. I was initially appointed as an Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria in 2007 and obtained tenure and promotion in 2013. I previously held a tenure-track faculty appointment (2005-2007) in the Department of Economics, University of Manitoba. My Ph.D. in Economics was conferred by McMaster University in the summer of 2006, and I also have an MA in Economics (1998) and a BA (with Distinction) in Economics (1996) from the University of Victoria, and a BA (with Honours) in Political Science (1993) from Carleton University. I also trained as a Municipal Law Clerk (1991-1993).

My primary research fields are in tax policy, public economics, and Canadian public policy and my approach to research is multidisciplinary. Following the advice of Richard Bird (2009, p.31) who states that “good tax policy…involves economists, lawyers, [and] administrators” my own approach harnesses the strengths of economics, law, and public administration in the study of public policy problems. I apply empirical quantitative techniques as well as legal research methods and secondary analysis, reflecting my own diverse educational training.

My objective is to make both an academic contribution and to have an impact on Canadian policy-making and policy-implementation. As a result, it is important that my research be accessible to broader audiences including academics outside the traditional narrow boundaries of economics, decisions makers, practitioners, and the general public and for it stimulate broader conversations about public policy beyond the academic community. I do this by publishing in a wide range of outlets, including academic peer-reviewed journals across a several disciplines, through a variety of knowledge-mobilization efforts, and by forming strategic partnerships that lead to technical reports for decision makers and the general public. I am a regular non-partisan public commentator, writing for print media, appearing on a variety of T.V., radio, and podcasts, and providing testimony to the House of Commons Finance Committee. I also write regularly on my blog and tweet regularly on a variety of public policy issues. I am a member of the research advisory board for the Northern Policy Institute and was a member of the editorial Board for the Mowat Centre.